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Andrew Beyer

Washington Post

Daily Racing Form

"Your selections and analysis reveal a command of virtually every important aspect of the game-speed figures, trips, patterns, pedigrees and physical condition of the animals.


"Your bottom-line record at Gulfstream Park over the past 28 seasons is a phenomenal achievement. For a handicapper to show a substantial flat-bet profit on every selection during such long seasons is equivalent to a baseball player hitting .400. Congratulations."


* * * * *


"I have watched Toby Callet’s work on his publications for many years, and I know of nobody who devotes more conscientious effort into the production of such a sheet. To call it a tip sheet would do it a disservice. It is filled with valuable insights that can benefit the most sophisticated bettors. I consult with it daily when I am playing Gulfstream Park. Of course, the ultimate test of such a publication is its results, and Toby’s ability to continually show a flat-bet profit at one of the toughest race meetings in the country is nothing short of phenomenal."


* * * * *


"Toby Callet is the hardest-working handicapper I know. He has a far-ranging command of the game: Trips, pedigrees, figures and trainer patterns are all in his arsenal, and his judgments as a clocker are excellent. When I am playing the horses in Florida, I always consult with Toby."

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